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The CBC Must Demand Access to Leaders Debates

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In an election campaign that is extraordinary in so many ways, one of the more noteworthy changes is that there could be as many as five English-language leadership debates. More surprising and perplexing still is the way the CBC has abdicated its obligation as our public broadcaster to provide coverage of these events. Numeris estimates the audience for the first of the debates last Thursday to have been about one-third that garnered in 2011, when the events were produced and distributed by the usual consortium of CBC, CTV, and Global. The average per-minute television viewing audience was...

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Andrew Coyne’s blindspot: public goods, market failure and the CBC

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Andrew Coyne, a reliably astute commentator on most issues of Canadian public policy, has an unfortunate blindspot when it comes to the CBC/Radio-Canada. He apparently thinks that the notion of public service broadcasting has outlived its usefulness, and that if we are to preserve any remnant of what was once a great national enterprise, it ought to be relegated to the digital netherland of the TV specialty channel. That way those of us who want to watch the service could pony up for it through monthly subscription fees. Here’s what he had to say in his column Saturday: As I’ve noted on...

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