Galileo's Mistake - A New Look at the Epic Confrontation between Galileo and the Church by Wade Rowland

Praise for Galileo's Mistake:

"...fresh and compelling."
Vancouver Sun

"Well-presented scientific history with an interesting philosophical twist"
Kirkus Reviews

"Rowland's is an audacious position"
The New York Times

"Rowland's triumph is in examining Galileo's method over his facts and winning an argument that was lost more than 350 years ago. His book provides a fascinating contribution to a debate that is particularly germane today and is likely to be equally important 300 years from now."
Montreal Gazette

"I recommend it strongly. Rowland tells the story well and with style and...backed by serious research and sensitivity to the issues. The history is embedded in a modern-day travelogue, interspersed with musings about the meaning of life."
The Globe and Mail

"Rowland does an impressive job of bringing the 17th century to life...he builds a compelling case that Galileo and the Church differed over something far more important than whether the earth revolved around the sun-they differed on the very nature of truth and how mortals can come to know it."
Publishers Weekly

"An excellent mixture of science and philosophy."
David Pitt, Bookloons

"Galileo's Mistake is a lofty and ambitious philosophical exploration, and Rowland's considerable gifts as a writer make the book pleasurable and captivating. Rowland skilfully weaves history, biography, science writing, and philosophical overviews into the comfortable familiarity of a travel narrative."

"Galileo's Mistake has the lazy ease of a multi-course Italian dinner, at once relaxing and enriching".
Robert Wiersema, Quill & Quire

"...a superb ambitious, even heroic, interpretation of the Galileo-Church controversy. Rowland has included a wonderfully accurate, exquisitely painted presentation of the political, cultural, and historical setting in which the Galileo-Church debate finds a clearly natural location."
B. J. Hodgson, PhD, Trent University Faculty of Philosophy

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Galileo's Mistake: A New Look at the Epic Confrontation between Galileo and the Church

by Wade Rowland


Chapter 1

Chapter 2
o An Unavailing Wall o Pope Paul V o A Time of Crisis o Doctrinal Revolutions

Chapter 3
A Message o A Dialogue at Dinner o Science's Motives o On Curiosity o A Negotiation

Chapter 4
The Baroque and Naturalism o Galileo as Art Critic o Number and Beauty o The Pythagoreans and the Reduction of Quality to Quantity

Chapter 5
Galileo the Aquarian o Ptolemy's World o Comets and Supernova o Kepler's Genius o The Uses of Hypotheses

Chapter 6
Young Galileo o The Studies in Motion o The Experimental Method o A Visit to Pisa

Chapter 7
Ferrara and Copernicus o The Reluctant Revolutionary o Challenging Aristotle o A Stimulating Meeting

Chapter 8
The Stagerite o The Primacy of Mind o The Good o Deductive Science

Chapter 9
Aristotle's Influence o A Question of Infinity o Copernican Caution: Saving the Appearances

Chapter 10
The Padua Years o The Telescopic Discoveries o The Lure of the Medici o The Jesuits o Rumours of Reaction

Chapter 11
In the Medician Court o The Phases of Venus o Sunspot Disputes o Triumph in Rome o Cardinal Bellarmine

Chapter 12
Bruno's Heresy o An Infinite Universe o Aristotle's Impact o The Struggles of Aquinas o The Return of Pythagoras

Chapter 13
Storm Warnings o Cardinal Barberini o The Conflict is Joined: Letter to Christina o Bellarmine's Response

Chapter 14
Under Attack o A Dangerous Mission o Barberini's Argument o Defeat in Rome o The Warning

Chapter 15
A Dialogue in Venice o On Science's Successes o The Nature of Knowledge

Chapter 16
Further Dialogue in Venice o Science and Faith o Faith and Reality o The Nature of Progress

Chapter 17
On the Lido o The Problem of Objectivity o Reasoning's Recursive Nature o The Map and the Territory o An Unfortunate Outburst

Chapter 18
At Santa Maria Maggiore o Galileo's Conservatism o Kepler's Heterodoxy o A Remarkable Fresco

Chapter 19
A Scientific Testament o Models of the World o The Paradox of Empiricism

Chapter 20
Pope Urban VIII o Intimations of Change o Galileo's Dialogue o The Suppression o A Summons from the Inquisition

Chapter 21
An Enigmatic Pope o A Mass in St. Peter's o A Chance Encounter

Chapter 22 A Remarkable City o History's Parochialism o An Uncomplicated Man o The Motives of Pontiffs

Chapter 23
A Dialogue in Vatican City o Galileo's Rehabilitation o ŚLearned Ignorance' o The Puzzle of the Abjuration

Chapter 24
The Final Journey to Rome o The Inquisition o The Denial o The Confession o The Sentence

Chapter 25
Traces of the Past o The Collegio Romano o The Minerva o The Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola

Chapter 26
The Judgement and Abjuration o The Unspoken Issues

Chapter 27
The Aftermath o Return to Arcetri o Discourses on Two New Sciences o A Visit from Hobbes o Milton's Tribute

Chapter 28
On the Road to Florence o Galileo's Tomb o Human Happiness o Science and Number o Limits to Scientific Knowledge o An Unfinished Journey

Galileo's Mistake:
Title: Galileo's Mistake
Subtitle: A New Look at the Epic Confrontation between Galileo and the Church
Author: Wade Rowland
Publication Date: July 2003
ISBN: 1559706848
Hardcover: 320 pages
List Price: $25.95 US
Publisher: Arcade Publishing

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