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Articles by Wade Rowland on communications technology, philosophy of science and religion, travel and other topics, including some scholarly articles.

An Essay on the Roots of Morality

It seems to me that a partial solution to this puzzle can be found in the moral impulse, which is both a necessary and sufficient condition for proving the existence of moral absolutes, that is, values that are applicable in all cases, at all times, in all places. (Or, alternatively, values that are recognizable from all social, cultural and temporal perspectives.) The very fact of the existence of the moral impulse certainly denies the validity of moral relativism as a coherent philosophy.

The CBC Must Demand Access to Leaders Debates

There’s nothing wrong with the likes of Rogers and Google and Bell trying to make a buck on the debates. But it is important that these programs of national significance be made as widely accessible as possible. And that means that the CBC, with its television and radio networks and its online services—all built at public expense precisely to ensure universality—be included in the distribution process.