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Greed Inc.: Why Corporations Rule Our World and How We Let It Happen

“A brilliant investigative piece, Greed, Inc. traces the history of the modern corporation and the effects they have on our society. Tracing their evolution from the medieval era, Wade Rowland exposes the way corporations use their legal status as an individual to escape both legal and moral responsibilities. While recognizing the societal advancements that corporations have given to us over the past two centuries, Rowland demonstrates where things went wrong. A timely piece that will interest everyone who has concerns about the direction in which the world is heading, “Greed, Inc.” provides fresh insight in a declarative voice.”
Strand Books,

NEW 2012 Updated USA Version:
Title: Greed, Inc.
Subtitle: Why Corporations Rule the World and How We Let It Happen
Author: Wade Rowland
Imprint: Arcade Publishing / Skyhorse Publishing
BUS070000 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Industries
BUS016000 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Consumer Behavior
ISBN-10 1611453488
ISBN-13 9781611453485
Reference no. 611348
Publication DateL February 2012
Nb of pages: 292
Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 1 in.
List Price: $14.95

Canadian Version:
Title: Greed Inc.
Subtitle: Why Corporations Rule Our World and How We Let It Happen
Author: Wade Rowland
Category: Business/Current Affairs/Philosophy
Publication Date:April 2005
ISBN: 0887621767
Hardcover: 240 pages
Dimensions:240 Pages, 6.38 x 9.38 x 0.88 in
Publisher: Thomas Allen Publishers

from Thomas Allen Publishers catalog:
“Why is television so awful? Why do drug companies hide unfavourable test results? Why do automakers market unsafe cars? Why is our environment poisoning us? Why do we brutalize farm animals? Why is our food so unhealthy? Why is political discourse so debased? Why are we working sixty-hour weeks?

Wade Rowland’s new book Greed, Inc.: Why Corporations Rule Our World and How We Let it Happen places the blame for much of what ails contemporary society at the doorstep of a single institution – the modern publicly-traded business corporation.

In this landmark book, Rowland – one of Canada’s leading literary non-fiction writers – shows how we have become an uncaring society because the corporate ethos that informs virtually everything in our culture is uniquely and implacably selfish. The corporation exists for one purpose only: to make a profit. And such an objective trumps all others. Nothing else matters.

Greed, Inc. traces the rise of the corporation from the Rationalist social engineering of the 18th century – as well as the parallel triumph of moral relativism, consumerism, enterprise culture and other dominant value systems of our time. It shows how a series of psychological and philosophical misconceptions institutionalized greed and self-serving behaviour as a good thing for society. Indeed the origins of corporate culture seem in retrospect so preposterous as to defy belief – and yet these misconceived values now dominate our lives. Because of these notions of selfishness, we have arrived at a time when we seem at odds with almost everything around us.

Greed, Inc. is a groundbreaking book in that it reveals the roots of this social discontent for the first time through the lens of moral philosophy. It provides a highly original analysis with which we can begin to truly understand the cultural and moral dilemma in which we find ourselves mired at the beginning of the 21st century.

Anybody who cares about our quality of life and the very survival of humanity will need to read this book.”

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