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Are broadcasters on the web “unfair” competition for newspapers?

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Bob Cox’s editorial on the CBC’s new strategic plan is a welcome contribution to the dialogue concerning the future of public broadcasting in this country.  (Mr. Cox is Publisher of the Winnipeg Free Press and Chair of the Canadian Newspaper Association.) It raises issues that have been the subject of debate in Europe for some time, and which need to be resolved if the inevitable restructuring of the CBC is to have the support of the country’s newspapers. Some context will, I hope, further clarify the issues. When the BBC was took to the airwaves in 1922 as the world’s first national...

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What Bill Chambers Needs to Know About Public Broadcasting

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CBC brass, apparently stung by criticism of its plans to pull out of production and focus on digital, mobile media, have taken to lashing out at critics in an unseemly way. The latest example was posted Thursday night on the corporate website, and it is highly revealing. In an otherwise mostly ad hominem attack on one of the many critics of the corporation’s survival plan, Bill Chambers—who bears the title Vice-president, Brand, Communications and Corporate Affairs, CBC/Radio-Canada—makes the following statement: “There is no archetype of public broadcasting. Public broadcasters...

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Letter from Former CBC Board of Director Members to Current CBC Board

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Here is the complete text of the open letter to current CBC Directors from nine former members of the Board of Directors, released July 13, 2014. Note: I had no role in the origination or composition of the letter, or in the soliciting of signatories. I am publishing it here simply to make it as widely available as possible. –wr July 14, 2014 Monsieur Rémi Racine, Chairman Board of Directors, CBC/Radio Canada CBC 181 Queen Street C.P. 3220, succ. « C » Ottawa (Ontario) K1Y 1E4 Re » Future of CBC/Radio Canada Dear Mr. Racine, We the undersigned, former members of the Board of...

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CBC President Lacroix Should Face the Music and Resign

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Since CBC President Hubert Lacroix announced plans to “ensure the sustainability” of the public broadcaster by radically reducing staff and shifting its focus from television and radio to various forms of internet delivery over the next five years, there has been a rising chorus of voices calling on him to resign. “Focused, smaller, more mobile, more relevant,” is how Lacroix describes the new CBC he envisions. He calls it a “public media company [that] focuses on partnering to develop content” as opposed to a conventional public broadcaster. And he says that, in the face of...

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