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What Does the NHL Deal Mean for the CBC?

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Bill C-60 Endangers CBC’s Independence

Posted by on May 2, 2013 in Articles-Blog | Comments Off on Bill C-60 Endangers CBC’s Independence

© 2013 Wade Rowland As someone who teaches media studies to second year university students, I spend a deal of time each new semester explaining that there is a difference between a state broadcaster and a public service broadcaster. USSR Gosteleradio, China Central Television, and Cubavisión are examples of the former; our own CBC is an example of the latter, I tell them. I need to go through this every fall because a majority of my students have no clue what the CBC is, or what purpose it is intended to fulfill in the increasingly complex media ecology in which we are all...

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When Public Broadcasting Fails: Further Thoughts on the Crisis Facing the CBC

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© Wade Rowland 2012 In a continuing debate over public interest media that is fraught with misinformation and misunderstanding, this much is obvious: there is a fundamental distinction to be made between commercial media and public service media, and it has to do with their different goals and purposes. The purpose of public service media is, by definition, to serve the public. Its goal is therefore to discover what public services are needed (or desirable), and provide them. The purpose of commercial media is to make money for their owners and investors; the goal is therefore profit. A...

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